5 ways to use your Ball Mason Jars for Back to School

5 ways to use your Ball Mason Jars for Back to School

As schools reopen their doors and parents send their children back to the classroom, we give you 5 ways our Ball Mason Jars can help you with the back-to-school frenzy... (you can thank us later!)


Ball Mason Jars for Storing Last Night’s Leftovers: Nobody really wants to cook on a school night, so leftovers are a great way to make that Spag Bol last longer. Grab a Ball Mason Jar and seal in the freshness of your food with a Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar Lid. Store in the fridge and serve the next day as if it were freshly cooked!

Ball Mason Jars for Storing Sandwich Filling: For your little ones who won’t eat the school lunch, our Ball Mason Jars are a great way to preserve sandwich filling for those packed lunches. Tuna and sweet corn mix, cheese salad, humous and veg - even peanut butter and jam! Mix it, store it, cap it.

Ball Mason Jars for Cereal: No more overspill, no more torn boxes, no more wasted cereal on the table and floor. Our wide Mouth Ball Mason Jars will mean less mess and easier access for early morning breakfast cereal before school.

Ball Mason Jars for Overnight Oats: Super high in fibre content, overnight oats are soaked throughout the night rather than cooked on the stove or heated up in the microwave. Soaked oats are naturally richer in nutrients and are great for keeping stomachs fuller for longer. Those hunger pangs will be staved off until the school bell rings. How to make overnight oats...

  1. Soak the oats in your Ball Mason Jar for at least 7 hours but preferably overnight. You can use milk or a milk alternative like oat or almond – even water.
  2. Once they have been left overnight, layer the oats with fruit, nuts and grains, peanut butter and cereals.
  3. Serve in your Ball Mason Jar and enjoy!

Ball Mason Jars for Meal Prep: So you have mastered parenthood and have become a meal prep pro – brilliant! Let us make things even easier with our 6 pack of Ball Mason Jars. At 490ml, they are the ideal size for a lunch or dinner and your food will be perfectly preserved - fresh as the day it was made. Our jars have a 2-part lid to keep contents both airtight and watertight.

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