5 Ways to use your Ball Mason Jars for…HALLOWEEN!

5 Ways to use your Ball Mason Jars for…HALLOWEEN!

Whether you are going full on Hammer horror or simply scooping out a few pumpkins, there is so much you can do with our Ball Mason Jars this Halloween...

Our glass jars are the go-to for craft enthusiasts and makers all over the world, especially when it comes to holiday themes – Halloween is no exception! Our glass jars are the gold standard, which means they should last a lifetime. With that in mind, you may not want to use paint or sprays for your decorations – unless you want to store your jam in a spooky jar forever! Never fear, as there are some great (temporary) Halloween themed ideas you can try on your Ball Mason Jars – here are 5…

Glass jars

1. Use Peelable glass paint and stickers for spooky mason jar designs

There are some great spooky Halloween stickers you can use to decorate your Ball Mason Jars.  You can also try using peelable glass paint. This will give you a great temporary effect that you can use on your jars, windows and mirrors too.

2. Use your jars for Trick or Treat sweet storage!

Your Ball Mason glass jars will look great when full of sweets and sitting on your windowsill for all to see! What’s more, our wide mouth jars will give easy access to little fingers so they can grab as many sweets as they like!

3. Use Halloween themed ingredients in your jars

Our Ball Mason kitchen storage jars look great when stacked neatly in rows, in cupboards and on shelves. For a chilling Halloween twist, simply stick some scary eyes, horns, skulls and cobwebs on your mason jars that contain green and black ingredients. The effect can be pretty spooktacular!

4. Use Ball Mason jam jar lids

You can use your mason jam jar lids to print red smudges on your kitchen surfaces for your Halloween party. Jam is both safe and easy to clean, so it’s the perfect blood-like substance to add to your Halloween themed party!

5. Use up your old Halloween pumpkins and preserve your pumpkin soup!

Our Ball Mason preserving jars are perfect for reducing waste - especially if you have left over Halloween pumpkin. You can store your pumpkin soup in our glass jars with lids, they are great for storing in the fridge and will neither leak nor spill. If you are not sure how to make pumpkin soup, here is a super easy recipe:

- Cut you pumpkin into chunks.

- Slice up onion, garlic, herbs, broth/stock and water and add all of the ingredients (including the pumpkin) to a pot

- Let the pot boil rapidly for around 15 minutes - check to ensure that the pumpkin has cooked and is tender

- Grab a blender and blitz all of the ingredients until it is completely smooth

- Add salt and pepper. Pour in some milk / cream.

 Enjoy your Halloween pumpkin soup anytime you like!

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