It's International Beer Day! Here's an easy guide to choosing your beer and cocktail jars...

It's International Beer Day! Here's an easy guide to choosing your beer and cocktail jars...

It's a fact - drinking a cool beer out of a Ball Mason glass jar (especially on a hot day) is a pretty epic experience. Not only do they look great, they are the gold standard of multiuse jars - which means they are a first choice for anything from preserving to sipping on your fave beverage.

If you are planning on having people over for this International Beer Day, we have a short but handy guide on which jars are best for your beers and cocktails... 

Ball Mason  Cocktail and Beer Jars

Ball Mason glass jars are designed for the needs of home preservers. But of course, they can be used for lots other things too. In fact, just a quick look online will show you how many people use their glass jars for anything from craft to storage to wedding decor or just to display on their shelves.

When it comes to those who drink from their jars, the more seasoned will know that both the look and mouth size can effect the drinking experience. Intrigued? Here's a guide to choosing your beer and cocktail jar...


The Quilted jar: This is a great jar for cocktails and for those who want to sip a lighter ale. It's super stylish and will elevate your drinking experience with it's quilted design. They say you eat and drink with our eyes too -  so this is a good option for those who care about the taste AND the look of their drink. Perfect for the more image conscious guest. 


The Aqua Jar: This is a good jar for clear drinks and cocktails. The colour will give the most simple looking drink a real upgrade. Drinks which contain a sprig of mint or lemon are great in this blue tinged jar and if you are opting for a clear drink that requires lots of ice - the aqua jar will give a refreshingly frosty appearance.


The Wide Mouth Jar: This is THE jar for those who like ales, lagers and stouts. It's easy to drink from and is a no nonsense jar for the no nonsense guest. It's a jar that's easy to hold, easy to pour into and is a good all rounder. Whether you want ice in your lager or you want to see the foam on top, this is the go-to glass jar!


Small glass jars


The Small Jar: A lovely little jar for spirits and sipping cocktails - It won't hold much but just enough for those stronger beverages. If martini glasses feel a little pretentious, these little gems will give you just the right amount of laid back chic. Perfect for drinks that don't require ice or garnish.

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