It's World Nutella Day...chocolate anyone?

It's World Nutella Day...chocolate anyone?

Chocolate is one of those foods that no matter how it is served to you, it is always delicious. Whether in a chocolate bar, a drink or simply on a spoon... chocolate always tastes epic!

That said, we think presentation can really enhance both the flavour and the experience of anything you choose to eat. So, with World Nutella Day just around the corner (Saturday 5th February), here are a few ideas on how to create a Nutella based treat using your Ball Mason Jars. No matter how you prefer your chocolate, we have a Nutella filled jar for you!

1. For the health conscious chocolate eater

If it's covered in oats then it's healthy right? Ok, maybe not. But if you are going to eat chocolate without the guilt, adding it to some healthy oats with a topping of berries could be the answer you were waiting for. Simply mix Nutella with your prepared oats, add to the jar and cover in fresh fruit! Delicious and 'healthy'. 

2. For the chocolate drinker

Silky, sweet and chocolatey...what's not to love? Add Nutella to your chocolate drink for a truly decadent experience - all you need is a warm blanket and your favourite Netflix show. Bliss.

3. For the 'go big or go home' chocolate lover

You love chocolate desserts (the bigger the better) and you don't care who knows it - we are with you on that one! You can go crazy with this layered fruit, nut and Nutella jar. Just add your favourite things in layers, then a spoon full of Nutella. It's quick and easy and the stuff of chocolate dreams...enjoy!


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