World Refill Day: 3 ways your Ball Mason Jars can help reduce plastic pollution

World Refill Day: 3 ways your Ball Mason Jars can help reduce plastic pollution

It's officially World Refill Day (June 16th), a calendar event organised to prevent plastic pollution and to help people live with less waste.  We can all play a part in this. It's easier than you think and making even a small change to your daily routine will make a difference. Using single use packaged products is having a heavy impact on the planet so reusing your Ball Mason Jars could be a great alternative  - not only could it help to reduce plastic pollution it will save you money in the long run too.

Here are 3 ways your Ball Mason Jars could help you to reduce your consumption of single use packaging...

1. Zero Waste Shops - There are a myriad of Zero Waste shops dotted around the country - and many more popping up around the UK and abroad. The process is simple, bring your Ball Mason Jars along and fill them up with whatever you like from nuts and grains to cereals and even juices. Zero Waste shops have dispensers you can use and they are generally cheaper than buying single use packaged products from the supermarket. 

2. Pack a Snack - Want to save money and the planet? Well, instead of buying that packet of crisps or bag of nuts everyday - why not buy in bulk from your local Zero Waste shop or wholesaler? You can bring your snacks from home to work or when simply out and about. Ball Mason Jars are easily sealed, so they'll keep your snacks fresh all day.

Ball Mason Jars packed lunch

3. Food to Go -  Breakfast, lunch or dinner - if you often buy your meals out or if you are known to take a packed lunch, Ball Mason Jars make a pretty good reusable lunchbox or water / iced coffee container. In fact, there is nothing quite like drinking your morning iced coffee from a Ball Mason Jar! Forget those plastic / paper cup coffees and grab your Ball Mason jar instead. (Please do not use your Ball Mason Jars for hot drinks).




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