More than just a glass jar...

More than just a glass jar...

Ball Mason Jars are more than just glass jars.

In fact, Ball mason jars are the only gold standard glass jars that are able to bring communities together in the way that they do.

What do we mean?

Well, you could argue that Ball is the ultimate heritage jar (after all, Ball has been around since the 1800's). There's the superior durability and quality - they're freezer, microwave and dishwasher proof. There's the range of styles...there really is a jar for every taste and occasion.

Ball mason glass jars have become the gold standard for preservers and fermenters, the craft community, interior decorators and more. 

Ball mason glass preserving jars - the gold standard.

We think it's a combination of so many things that has made Ball a household name - but we wanted to find out what you thought. Why are Ball mason glass jars your go-to? Here's what you said:

"You just know what you are getting when you buy a Ball mason jar - the logo is like a stamp of quality, it says something about you and your own commitment to quality. They are my first choice for kitchens and general home storage - I love them." Interior Design Enthusiast

Ball Mason glass jar

Ball Mason glass jar cocktail'The first people to capitalize on Mr. Mason’s brilliance were the Ball brothers in 1884. Their Ball brand jars are still used today. Chances are you’ve had a cocktail out of one at least once or twice. And, maybe you even used them to make preserves.' Huffpost

'...Ball Mason jars are much more fun to using my old plain jar now. They come with a cool logo on them and a fluid guide measure on the sides. They also have a fresh preserving 2 parts lid on them. When it comes to preserving our jams and marmalade there’s nothing more important than a quality seal to keep it air tight and water tight. This will ensure it keeps everything inside nice fresh. How cool!?' Blogger

"Ball Mason Jars are a long term investment - I'll pay a little extra because I know I can store food in my jars without worrying about chemicals, leaking and spillages. I'll be able to use my jars for ages because they're good quality and will last - that's a more sustainable way to shop in my opinion." Parent

"We make our sauces and pickles from scratch - we use Ball Mason jars to store them. Our diners deserve the best quality in every way, this includes how we prepare and store our dishes." Restaurant Owner.

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