Ball Mason Jars: The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day!

Ball Mason Jars: The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is fast approaching - if you haven't yet chosen a gift, something homemade and gifted in a Ball Mason Glass jar is a great choice for so many reasons...  

Not only is it a thoughtful and often more affordable choice - you have the added bonus of showing just how much you care with a gift that is truly personal. So why not use this Mother's Day as an opportunity to get creative with a homemade gift in a Ball Mason Glass Jar?

An Extra Special Homemade Gift in a Glass Ball Mason Jar

You can put so many things inside a Ball Mason Jar, from things of sentimental value - which will serve as a cherished reminder of your love and appreciation - to something delicious to eat! The possibilities for homemade Mother's Day gifts are endless.

We collaborated with Lina Jabbari That Health Junkie to show you just how great a Ball Mason Jar gift can be. Lina is a wellness-based recipe developer, content creator, influencer, and health advocate who believes cooking and baking are sacred acts of love! Watch as Lina uses her delicious, homemade cheescake recipe to be gifted in a Ball Mason Jar... 

Lina Jabbari's gluten free dessert cookbook 'SWEET' is available to buy from her website. 


Make your Mother's Day gift extra special with a Ball Mason Glass Jar...

Of course, you don't have to make cheesecake - why not simply pickle, ferment or choose some of your mother's favourite organic foods to gift. Homemade jam can be a quick and easy gift to make, it's also easy to preserve and store. 

Choosing the right gift is as much about the packaging as it is about what's inside! 

A homemade gift in a Ball Mason Jar is one that just keeps on giving! Once you use what's inside, you can wash and use the jar for other things too. 

*Grab yourself some ribbon or you can colour print this page, cut out the labels and stick them to your gifting jars!

Ball is the ultimate heritage jar (after all, Ball has been around since the 1800's). There's the superior durability and quality - they're freezer, microwave and dishwasher proof. There's the range of styles...there really is a jar for every taste and occasion. Ball Mason Glass Jars have become the gold standard for preservers and fermenters, the craft community, interior decorators and more. Ball Mason Jars have 2 mouth sizes and the tinplate steel lids allow you to use your jars over and over again!

From fruits and vegetables, to homemade sweet and savoury herb plants grown in your garden!

Gift with love, gift with a Ball Mason Glass Jar.

Plants in Ball Mason Jars




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